Quality First World class training, world over

CCAD Centre offers taraning to engineering students and professionals on leading software products in their domains .Designing courses,developing course content ,and delivering courses wth the support of our franchjise partners has, therefore , bee our core value creationprocess.

Our quality assurance initiatives, hence,focus primarilly on:

Course content

We collabrate with software deveolpers and user industries before designing a course, and seek their contributuions in developing course content .Often representatives of software companies themselves ca-author and vet our courseware.
We involve expert editors and educationists at all stages of creating the course material to make sure the courseware is presentable and effective.

Faculty development

Our faculty are given training in training methologies , student,psychology,besides traning on specific software products before they are allowed to give classes.CCAD Centre's Internal Training Academy conducts train the trainer programs througout the year for all faculty members to bridge the skill gap,and to equip them offer training in new courses.Often, Software product companies give training to our staff in advanced functionalities of their products.

Training infrastructure

All our franchise centres and CCAD Center - operated centre have basic training infrastructure including library and computer lab,equipped with latest presentation tools.We provide training to students in high end machines using original software-this way we are able to give training in all modules and functionalities of software.
ALL CCAD Centres have a coustmer service executive , whose job is to spearhead the quality assurance in our service delivery.CCAD Centre conducts customer satisfication surveys with the students and professionals of all centres once a year. The inputs we get from our customers are used to improve our service standard.