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Revit Architecture

 Prerequisites : No CAD knowledge is required. Working knowledge of computer is preferable.

The objective of this Course is to teach the AutoCAD in detail and comprehensive mode. The AutoCAD is the most powerful tool for drawing in any stream. It is widely used in all engineering streams like Architectural, Civil, and Mechanical etc. as well as in textile, Interior, Fashion, Jewelry and many others. In general AutoCAD issued all over the World, wherever the drawing is required.

 Building Information Modeling

  • Revit Architecture Basics
  • Starting a Design
  • The Basics of the Building Model
  • Loading Additional Building Components
  • Viewing the Building Model
  • Using Dimensions and Constraints
  • Developing the Building Model
  • Detailing and Drafting
  • Construction Documentation
  • Presenting the Building Mode

Courseware Issued

Revit (Architectural)

 Reference Guide - 1

Project Workbook

Duration : 100 Hours

Project : 10 Hours